Hello and welcome, 

As a conscientious contemporary artist, I endeavour not only to entertain but also to inspire through the art of Storytelling. My creative mediums of choice are oratory, photography, film, and literature.

Being born in Canada to Jamaican/Chinese parents and living, mentoring, and working in the creative industry around the world, in America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia, has shaped my sense of identity. 

I draw on my global perspective and diverse experience in storytelling to create communicative works via limited edition fine art collections, commercial campaigns, documentary films, and large-scale experiential installations.

I have exhibited in Canada and the United States and my work is in private and public collections across North America. I've also been blessed to have my work commissioned by government, philanthropic, and corporate organizations worldwide. I currently live between Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Miami, Florida, USA. 

There Is A Story To Be Told. What's yours?

Welcome to my online gallery.