Don Shipley photographed by Robert Young at the YOUNG WORLD FACES studio

Don Shipley photographed by Robert Young at the YOUNG WORLD FACES studio

I had the opportunity and pleasure of collaborating with Mr.Young on his remarkable YOUNG WORLD FACES exhibition as part of our commission project for the Pan American Games in Toronto in 2015.

YOUNG WORLD FACES is a truly innovative concept, brilliantly executed with class and professionalism. Robert Young is without question, one of the most talented, passionate, committed artists I know.

The exhibition was one of the major successes of the arts and culture program entitled PANAMANIA, and was met with wild public enthusiasm and critical approval from all quarters.

Robert is a unique individual who is not only devoted to the pursuit of excellence but possesses an uncanny ability to create, coordinate, and execute at the highest level. His attention to detail is unique in the world of photography and art. A bold and transformational exhibition from a very committed creative artist which celebrates inclusion, diversity, and the human spirit.

Mr. Young was always a pleasure to work with, and in hindsight, I can honestly say that “taking his phone call” proved to be one of the most important things I did during my tenure, and my belief in him was returned tenfold.

The exhibition remains one of the great legacies of the arts and culture component of Toronto 2015 cultural celebrations.
— Don Shipley, Creative Director Arts + Culture, Pan American Games

About Don Shipley: Don Shipley is one of Canada’s leading Artistic Directors. As the Creative Director of the Pan American Games, he curated and led Panamania, a 35-day arts and culture festival created to showcase the diverse cultures and artistic excellence of the Americas. The festival featured more than 250 unique performances and exhibitions including 29 commissioned world premieres at more than 20 locations across Toronto.