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Robert Young

Curating Life Through The Language Of Design for nearly 25 years, Robert Young's aptitude for storytelling is exemplified through his work in the artistic and creative realms of literature, film, and photography. Young has an insatiable passion to transform worldly experiences into tangible, powerful, and prideful expressions of human triumph on an emotional level. 

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Value Proposition


The commerce component of YOUNG WORLD FACES.
This unique and malleable visual commodity was developed by Robert Young to specifically provide a dynamic boost to the marketing strategy of top tier Brands, Influencers, and Global Events. Our original art-based visual commodities are exclusively curated and flexibly licensed to meet any dynamic marketing campaign, providing a guaranteed interactive and impactful consumer experience.


A transformational movement created with the use of photography, literature, and film.
Robert Young created these images to inspire the revelation of human stories that help citizens of every nation recognize, not only their own beauty, but also our global commonality. YOUNG WORLD FACES endeavors to set a new standard for human acceptance by highlighting our similarities in an attempt to achieve the mutually beneficial goal of eradicating war, injustice, prejudice, and negativity derived from our incorrectly perceived differences. 

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Company Directive

Raconteur Seven, LLC

Commissions and Specialization
We are Experts in the ideation & planning, oversight, & execution of the form, look, and workings of tangible initiatives. Raconteur Seven's mandate is to Recount The Perfect Truth so that impactful human connection can be made in the arts, philanthropy, and commerce. This means engaging individuals, companies, and institutions on an intuitive level that meets them where them are. We use written and visual art to promote a two-way flow of information for the purpose of establishing meaningful contact or connection.


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Curating Life Through The Language Of Design
An award-winning independent creative consultant with over twenty years applied knowledge in ideation and execution of local and global experiential initiatives. An expert in communicative design through the use of literature, photography, and filmed content. An experienced team leader and motivator. A creative liaison to corporate, fine art, government, and philanthropic organizations. A dual citizen of Canada and the United States of America.

Vision And Direction
A provider of energetic leadership and direction of creative teams, administrative staff, vendors, and freelancers. A detail orientated cultural programmer and committed agent of effective policy and productive policy creation. An intuitive judge of character and assessor of individual abilities and personas. A communicative, progressive, yet responsive liaison. A focused and responsible advocate for community development. A creative executive with professional experience acquired through entrepreneurial practice and client engagement. A universal problem-solver using a pragmatic approach to exercise philosophical and hands-on aptitude resulting in successful business operations and engagement initiatives.